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Our main focus is to provide standard Ship’s Agency Services and first-of-its-kind services of Clearing and Fowarding of goods upon their arrival at the Quay. This includes the shortest turnaround time to get duty-free waivers to clear cargoes for NGOs and MDAs.

Sierra Leone National Shipping Company (SLNSC) is the leading shipping line and the National Flag Carrier of Sierra Leone operating in West Africa, with a longstanding reputation for quality service in the marine transportation industry.


Founded in June 1972 under the Companies Act CAP 249, the Sierra Leone National Shipping Company Ltd (SLNSC) provides unique innovative, clearing, forwarding, warehousing, haulage, packing, bunker facilitation, marine insurance and indemnity, SLOP, SLUDGE and Garbage, and other consolidated shipping solutions and Maritime Transport Services that meet the needs of a broad international clientele.

As industry leaders, we provide sound knowledge, added incentives and faster turn-around-time, leading to competitive product pricing second to none. Behind this first rate competitive edge is a team of passionate and highly dedicated professionals with hands on experience of over 45 years.

We are, therefore, well positioned to provide continuous leadership in one of the fastest growing industries in Sierra Leone.

We have been in the shipping, clearing and forwarding operations for over three (3) decades providing efficient and reliable services to several national and international clients.

The company is endowed with experienced, efficient and dedicated personnel with an appreciable percentage share of the market. We maintain Airfreight office within the Lungi international Airport to render professional services on the sport as and when the need arises.

With regards clearing process at both Lungi Airport and the Quay, we cam assure you that we have a cordial working relationship with customs and other government agencies.

Our Mission

We provide world class, predictable, affordable and ethical shipping services – clearing, forwarding, haulage, bunkering, indemnity and other consolidated services – for Government, Civil Society, INGOs and NGOs and Commercial Clientele, to enhance humanitarian assistance, boost businesses, and stimulate socio-economic development.

Our Vision

To become the shipping world’s most versatile and dependable service provider based in Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone National Shipping Company, Ltd. is a 100% State Owned enterprise situated at 45 Cline Street, Cline Town, Freetown. It has seven (7) Board of Directors including one Managing Director. The SLNSC is charged with the responsibility of providing efficient, reliable and affordable shipping services in and out of Sierra Leone together with allied services of cargo clearing and forwarding, haulage and packing, whilst maintaining a high level of Maritime Transport Services required of a dependable shipping organization in an economy that is undergoing massive and multi-sectorial transformation.


we start our business

Sierra Leone National Shipping Company Limited (SLNSC) was established in June 1972 as a parastatal under the Companies Act, CAP 249 in the Laws of Sierra Leone. According to the Memorandum and Articles of Association, the company was established as a joint venture partnership between the Government of Sierra Leone and A/S Ocean Transport of Bergen in Norway.



In June 1973 negotiations were carried out between SCANSHIP ALRAINE Group who were performing Ships Agencies/Cargo Clearing and Forwarding services in Sierra Leone and the Management of Sierra Leone National Shipping Company for an eventual take-over of SCANSHIP/ALRAINE SERVICES together with staff and assets. Government duly enacted an application granting the company sole monopoly of stevedoring of all ports in Sierra Leone. This therefore led the company to be involved in Ships Agency Services, cargo clearing.


Wanportman International Contract

In the second-half of 1978, the Government of Sierra Leone (GOSL) contracted Wanportman International (UK) Limited, to manage both the SLNSC and Sierra Leone Ports Authority (SLPA). Government mandated the Sierra Leone National Shipping Company as sole agent to administer the Freight Levy Scheme, which gave the company responsibilities, which include inter alia, the monitoring, and collection of freight levies from all Ship Owners/Operators utilizing ports in Sierra Leone.

Finance Act, 2019 of Sierra Leone has given sierra Leone National Shipping Company the mandate to do clearing and forwarding for all Government MDA’s.

  • Part III- General Provisions Clause 33 on page 27 of the act states as follows: “Notwithstanding this act, all government Ministries, Department Agencies, state-owned enterprises, state-owned banks, extra-budgetary agencies, Treasury Single Account Agencies and National Social Security and Insurance Trust shall use Sierra Leone National Shipping Company for all clearing and forwarding services”.
  • We have strategically positioned ourselves to deliver clearing and forwarding business in the most efficient and effective way with penetration pricing and quality services as competitive edge.
  • The company has had a facelift, refurbishing the Clearing and Forwarding department into a state of the earth business center and have also established a customer care center.

Ahmed Saybom Kanu

Managing Director


Deputy Managing Director

Esther Kuyateh

Admin. Manager

Abdulai Sesay

Marketing & External Relations Manager


Finance Manager


Ag. Clearing & Forwarding Manager

Reginald Bell

Ag. Shipping & Operations Manager

Our Location

45, Cline Street, Cline Town. P.O.Box 935 Freetown, Sierra Leone

Our Responsibility

SLNSC is charged with the responsibility of providing efficient, reliable and affordable shipping services in and out of Sierra Leone.

24/7 Support

We are around to serve you at all times. Just give us a call or send an email.

Fast Delivery

We have competent and dedicated staff who without delay ensure customers consignments of all shapes and sizes are cleared from the quay and airport.

we provide international freight & logistics service worldwide

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