Message From The Managing Director

Our Broad aim for the future and successful viability of the company includes but not limited to the following:

  • To improve our business relationship with old and existing customers and establish new cordial business relationship. Our main focus is to provide standard Ship's Agency Services and first-of-its-kind services of Clearing and Fowarding of goods upon their arrival at the Quay. This includes the shortest turnaround time to get duty-free waivers to clear cargoes for NGOs abd MDAs. The turn around time must be reduced from between 30 & 40 days to between 7 & 14 days. Reducing this turnaround time will certainly reduce and / or eliminate demurrages and port rents.
  • Introduce the bagging machine system to bag bulk cargoes of staple food like rice, sugar, corn, etc.
  • Increase effiency in our clearing and forwarding operations.
  • Ensure that customer complaints, observations and suggestions are properly analyzed and acted upon to ensure a customer-friendly environment.
  • Maintain high standards in ensuring that facilities, equipment and appliances used in the operations of the company are always kept in serviceable and working conditions.
  • Remunerate and care for the company staff so as to ensure that every member of staff identifies himself/herself with the aspirations of the company while meeting our customers' expectations.
  • Cooperate with established maritime institutions worldwide.
  • Continue to explore the possibility of joint venture partnerships and resumes the shipping service once more by owning and operating vessels.
  • With the new privatizaton of the Ports Authority there is potential increase in new businesses and the port possibly becomes a transhipment port, and thus increases clearing and forwarding business.
  • To serve as the first point of contact for the establishment and collection of insurance dues for cargoes arriving at the Quay to their final destinations.

The Managing Director


45, Cline Street, Cline Town.
P.O.Box 935
Freetown, Sierra Leone
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