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Packing Service, Inc. is a professional Loading and Unloading (Lumper) services company with extensive experience. We have been open for business since 2003. Packing Service, Inc. has been providing the most professional load services nationwide for over a decade. During that time Packing Service, Inc. has achieved a 97% customer satisfaction rate and has been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2007.

Packing Service, Inc. is not just any regular loading company; our load services are always performed by experienced and well-trained professionals who have the necessary know-how to get the job done right but, more importantly, in the safest and most secure way possible. 

Each professional truck loader is highly-trained in loading services with no less than one year experience loading and unloading everything from PODS Containers to rental trucks, international or domestic containers. As with all our on-site services, they are always included in with our guaranteed nationwide flat rate quote! Packing Service, Inc. will never provide you with an “estimate” that may or may not fluctuate with hidden costs; we provide only guaranteed flat rate quotes for all of our unloading and loading services.

Do not settle for just any truck loader or load service company; you want the most professional and honest loading services, a company that is reliable, honest and that provides you with guaranteed flat rate quotes beginning to end!

Our employees are experts in the following:
Loading and Unloading (Lumper) Services:

Truck Loading: 10-26 foot Penske, U-Haul and Budget Rental Trucks.
Container Loading: Packing and loading /unloading 8 -16 foot PODS containers, 8 ft. Door to Door containers, 8-16 ft. PackRat portable containers.
Trailer loading: ABF - U-PACK 28 ft. Trailer, 53 ft. trailers loading service. Loading and unloading rental trucks to a Storage Unit.
International Shipping: Loading from 20-40 ft, even 53 ft international containers with a flat rate quote.

For Lumper Services: Please email us to the Number of Pallets or Crates needs to get fixed, Pictures, Products, Location, Services Needed and we will reply back with a Flat Rate Quote, we don't provide prices over the phone whatsoever for 17 years, Only by emails, we don't do jobs from today to tomorrow, our customers book with us 7 days ahead.

Loading Process and Productions:

* Upon arrival, the loading team will assess the load and arrange the proper gathering method of storage
* Load will be shrink wrapped, crated, and/or boxed according only to Packing Service, Inc.'s procedural specifications
* Once all loads have been properly gathered, loaders will then carefully load onto the set transport container/truck/etc.
* Upon arrival, if unloading service has been requested, Packing Service, Inc. will provide a second team at set arrival destination
* Second (Unloading) Team will unload set container/truck/pod/etc. and will proceed to unpack and unwrap all your items
* Once all the unloading has been finished, customer will sign release contract upon completion

Our on-site services are the best in the business, visit our picture gallery and view pictures of before, during and after each load service, then read our customer reviews and you'll know why our customer satisfaction rate is 97%. Integrity, reliability and professionalism are the very foundation that Packing Service, Inc. is built on. We take the utmost care with all customer's items, treating them as if they were our own.

You will see just how much easier life can be when you use Packing Service, Inc.’s professional staff and loading services. Call today and find out what makes us stand out from the crowd of other load service companies. Packing Service, Inc. provides ONLY Guaranteed flat rate quotes for any of our load services over the phone or by a free home visit (available in NY and FL). When you use our loading company, you will quickly discover the luxury of a totally stress-free moving experience with our helpful staff and unrivaled services exceeding your expectations. Call today for guaranteed quotes, and find out what makes us different from the rest of the packing, Loading and Moving companies in the industry.

Remember when you require loading and unloading (Lumper) PODS containers, rental trucks, trailers, international containers, storage lockers or any loading containers, there is no better choice than Packing Service, Inc. for all your load service requirements.

Call or email Packing Service, Inc. today for any or all of our on-site services nationwide and receive your own personalized guaranteed flat rate quote!

With our company there are no hidden costs, no extra charges, no misunderstandings and no time charges. Just Professionals with Flat Rate Quotes, call for a flat rate quote today: 888-722-5774.

To see Pictures of Loading services click here on the link.

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