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Professional MoversWith most moving services, the process can be very stressful and tedious. When moving in or out, Packing Service Inc.'s professional moving staff offers its clients the option of moving services and resources to ease your transition. When you will need to hire a local moving company to transport your goods from one location to another, PSI will do the job properly and according to the agreed lump sum price. Most moving companies offer mobile estimates based on high hourly rates. Other companies also hire reckless laborers, who almost certainly have no experience of good moving practices. Avoid the headaches and stress of inexperienced workers who damage or lose your belongings. Packing Service, Inc. only employs professional staff with at least one year of experience in providing moving services. These on-the-move scam companies will not work in a timely and efficient way, and why would they do it? They know that the longer they take, the more money they will earn. You work hard for your money. You do not want to trust amateurs for the safety of your valuables. Packing Service, Inc. offers our customers only professional service with fixed price quotes before work and not after.

What are the other differences? Others will send a foreman, who may well understand the moving industry, but his main job is to sell you as many packaging services and supplies as possible. With Packing Service, Inc., all moving accessories are included in your package. The main task of the foreman is to sell and occasionally make a tour of the site and report several items that, in his "professional opinion", "are not well packaged", persuading the client to do so. repack on payment. At Packing Service, Inc., each member of our team will coordinate and inspect each square centimeter to ensure the work is done safely, efficiently and quickly. We are proud to really care about our customers.

As a professional company, at Packing Service, Inc., we want to inform our future clients that you are taking appropriate precautions against the services of unsavory companies in order to protect your money and property. Once the packaging, the loading and the journey have been completed, they give the customer a bill that is well above the estimated amount. This is because movers are not working properly, at a slow pace (if paid at the hourly rate) or have spent their time trying to do work in which they have no experience. PSI will not offer an estimate, but will offer a flat rate quote and offer our services immediately. Our staff brings only solutions, not problems, and taking your time (our customers) into account with extreme urgency. With a flat-rate quote, you can avoid the false promise of cheap labor, which will ultimately cost you a fortune. As soon as you hear the word "estimate" you will know they are not the right people for the job!


Professional Loading Services CompanyShop around and research to make sure the company you choose is worth your hard-earned money. Make sure they offer mobile variable rate quotes before work. Here are some basic requirements when hiring a moving services company: ask for a verifiable reference; Are they registered with the Better Business Bureau and have been providing services for at least three years? Are they competent and reputable? At Packing Service, Inc., we want you to make the right choice

Our advice during a local move is to rent a moving van (Penske, Budget, U-Haul or Enterprise) or, if you move long distances, a transportable container (PODS containers, Door To Door, PackRat) or a trucking company (ABF Trailers / U-Pack) and let Packing Service, Inc. do the packing for you; with our Loading and unloading services PSI will be more than happy to pack your entire home, eliminate all your moving problems and offer you a guaranteed fixed rate quote.

Our quote will include the cost of all boxes, equipment and loading fees for your rental truck or PODS container. We will dismantle your furniture (see our loading services page), disconnect large equipment and load the truck with care in a professional and efficient manner, avoiding any damage. You will not be charged for time or have any additional charges. The price quoted by phone or on-site will be the price you pay. During a local move, our loaders will follow your rental truck as you drive to your new home and we will unload everything for you. Our guaranteed prices give you peace of mind without surprises. At Packing Service, Inc., we are proud not to look like ANY other moving company in the industry because we do not charge time. When you move, you want to move quickly and properly, without the amateur services and unethical practices offered by most moving labor companies. Remember, if you are looking for a final price without estimates or hidden fees, you will need a fixed rate PSI quote.

We are the only moving services company in the industry to provide information on the scams of the moving company and how to identify and avoid these unethical practices.
Packing Service, Inc. does not incur any hidden costs, no additional fees, no schedule fees, and no misunderstanding whatsoever. Professionals providing fixed-rate moving quotes, call today to get a guaranteed fixed rate quote! (888) 722-5774 or

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