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What we Do

Our main focus is to provide standard Ship’s Agency Services and first-of-its-kind services of Clearing and Forwarding of goods upon their arrival at the Quay. This includes the shortest turnaround time to get duty-free waivers to clear cargoes for NGOs and MDAs. 


Our Background

Sierra Leone National Shipping Company, Ltd. is a 100% State Owned enterprise situated at 45 Cline Street, Cline Town, Freetown. It has seven (7) Board of Directors including one Managing Director. The SLNSC is charged with the responsibility of providing efficient, reliable and affordable shipping services in and out of Sierra Leone together with allied services of cargo clearing and forwarding, haulage and packing, whilst maintaining a high level of Maritime Transport Service.


Our Profile

Sierra Leone National Shipping Company (SLNSC) is the leading shipping line and the National Flag Carrier of Sierra Leone operating in West Africa, with a longstanding reputation for quality service in the marine transportation industry.


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Sierra Leone National Shipping Co

45 Cline Street, Cline Town, Freetown, Sierra Leone

(232) 25 255 406


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