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Urgency with Precision

Mobile Bagging

Ref No : 5428
Delivery Within 3 Days

Mobile Bagging

$418.00 Per Pack Delivery With In 3 Day
  • Delivery Date: Monday - 04 May 2016
  • Delivered By: SLNSC
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SLNSC together with its Joint Venture Partner, Nectar Group Limited (NGL), conducts bagging operation at the Queen Elizabeth II Quay with their unique Mobile Bagging Units that are engineered and manufactured in the United Kingdom.

The Compac M140 is the worlds most advanced Mobile Bagging System and is designed to be totally self-contained and with a design speed of 140 mts per hour. Each Compac 140 unit contains 2 bagging lines with built-in scales, strictly certified in accordance with Dutch Weights and Measures, enabling us to guarantee accurately weighed bags and detailed records of delivered and received cargo quantities.

The unique features of Compac 140 enable mobility and flexibility allowing operations in warehouses, on board barges and/or ships and at quayside locations.

We are able to offer tailored discharging, bagging and logistics solutions for your every need from full services including stevedoring, labour and onward transport with guaranteed discharge speeds to a more basic service of the provision of the bagging units at locations with a fully trained technician to ensure that the operation runs smoothly.